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About four months ago I became upset about people stereotyping refugees as criminals. I planned on programing a smallish game to express my opinion about public's opinion on refugees. After researching about the RPG Maker and other shortcut solutions, I chose to learn Unity and C# on the weekends. Of course the origin idea changed by learning about techniques and ways to tackle stuff in Unity. This is my first game ever, please download the demo and find out if you want to support me by buying the full version.

Protect the Refugee Camp is a Top-Down Shooter where the player has to defend three barracks of a refugee camp which are attacked by Nazis. It has an open end, like the racism sh*t which keeps emerging all over the world. The demo is limited on 190 points.

The game includes three weapons, which appear at a given score:

  • Pistol
  • AK47 Assault Rifle (not available in demo)
  • Sniper Rifle (not available in demo)

There are two types of enemies:

  • Nazi Soldier
  • Nazi General (not available in demo)

Move with: WASD
Shoot: Left Mouse Button

There is a hidden perk somewhere in the level, which doubles the points per kill (not available in demo). Yes there is only one level.

gl & hf

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There is an Mac version, but it needs to be tested before the upload. I am waiting for a friend with a Mac. It is only a matter of time.


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Free Demo - Protect the Refugee Camp 76 MB
Terms of Use / Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability 196 kB
Full Version - Protect the Refugee Camp 76 MB
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Protect the Refugee Camp Dev.Build 47 MB
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put people who disagree with your immigration stance in Nazi unis and now you can slaughter em by the hundreds... nice